Good meeting with VolkerStevin Ltd

Today i have a very interesting meeting with VolkerStevin Ltd.  This is the company that is currently undertaking the flood defense works on the river Arun currently at Lilttlehampton.

The company are very interested in our project and would like to help in any way they can.  They have requested a wish list of items we need to assist us with the project and they will see what they can do to oblige.  They have even stated that they may be able to assist in our requirement for heras fencing, which would have been a big expense to the project.

Once things are further confirmed i will post of the public side of this website and Facebook and of course up date you the Membership Scheme members.


One thought on “Good meeting with VolkerStevin Ltd”

  1. Had a quick meeting with Volkerstevin and they have agreed to supply all our Heras fencing and Reptile Fencing for FREE! Thats truely amazing and saved the project a lot of money. Our thanks to Eric for all his assistance.

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