Your fundraising help required!

Do you want to support the Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project, but can’t really, or don’t really want to be on site getting your hands dirty?
If the answer is yes, and you have fund raising ideas or experience please drop us a message

We have to self generate our funds to work and operate as a charity, and desperately need to raise funds to enable us to continue with our good work, down on the Fort. All ideas and suggestions welcome and much appreciated.

Still Some Work To Do – Please Bear With Us

We’re still working hard to get the site ready for its live launch. It may be that when we first launch the site there are some pages which are missing content etc. This should only be for the first few days of going live – sorry to say that this can’t be helped as we’re trying to move huge (with a capital H) amount of information, and we need to ensure that it has all been moved successfully and without incidence – I won’t bore you with the technical details, but lets just say that the technology is having a sulk in the corner.

What I will do is let you know when everything is up and running.

EDIT: The site is now up and running. We’re still in the process of adding some content from the old site.

Littlehampton Town Show 2019

The Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project has the great pleasure in being able to join in with the Littlehampton Town show this year and what a cracking day it was.

We were lucky enough to have a place in the big marque on this glorious day and saw so many visitors to the stall.

Volunteers and Management team managed the stall throughout the day and our thanks go to them. Phil, Matt, Jeff, Andy, Mary and John.

This year we ran a Prize Raffles with prizes from;

British Airways i360 Brighton

Spinnaker tower 

Historic Dockyard Portsmouth

Aldingbourne country centre

Harbour Park Littlehampton

and the Body Shop.

We raised over £90 on the day, had lots of interest in the project and signed up new members who will be coming to the next induction on the 5th October.

All in all a fantastic day. Our thanks go to the Littlehampton Town Council for hosting the event and making it such a success.

Prize draw winners !

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Raffle announcement⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

1st prize- 2x Brighton i360 admission tickets
⭐️Winner blue ticket 18- DENISE EDWARDS

2nd prize- 2x spinnaker tower admission tickets & HMS Queen Elizabeth book
⭐️Winner yellow ticket 76- HANNAH

3rd prize- family day pass to Aldingbourne country centre
⭐️Winner yellow ticket 28- TONY

4th prize- Harbour Park 10x ride tickets
⭐️Winner blue ticket 39- HAYLEY SUTTON

5th & 6th prize- bodyshop gift bag
⭐️Winners yellow ticket 124 & yellow ticket 32

Congratulations to all of you who have won. We will be in contact tomorrow.

Again a big thank you to all of those who have donated towards our raffle to help us raise funds for the project 🙂

The Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project