Still Some Work To Do – Please Bear With Us

We’re still working hard to get the site ready for its live launch. It may be that when we first launch the site there are some pages which are missing content etc. This should only be for the first few days of going live – sorry to say that this can’t be helped as we’re trying to move huge (with a capital H) amount of information, and we need to ensure that it has all been moved successfully and without incidence – I won’t bore you with the technical details, but lets just say that the technology is having a sulk in the corner.

What I will do is let you know when everything is up and running.

EDIT: The site is now up and running. We’re still in the process of adding some content from the old site.

Its Official!

As of the 29th October 2018 the Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project is now officially registered as a Charity!

“This is a long time coming and a lot of hard work to get there, but we finally made it.    Becoming a Charity is fantastic news, and will open up all sorts of new funding options and avenues for us as an organisation.

Well done to all that have been involved in the process and a massive thank you to all our volunteers who have been doing an excellent job throughout the years.”   Andy Orpin  – Chairman and Project Manager









Its now time to step the project up a gear !  We are actively looking to increase our volunteers database to assist us in this.   If you would like to become involved in this project and help save this historic land mark,  please either click the link below or email for further details.

Get Involved

The Littlehampton Fort Restoration Project